Monday, February 21, 2011

Early Birthday Celebrations

This past weekend we ventured home to Jacksonville to celebrate my Boppa's {grandfather} 8oth Birthday! While in town we also celebrated {if you want to look at it that way} my demise through my twenty's. . . 24 I know seems young to most people but not when you still perceive yourself as 18! Really, it's not that bad {I guess}. I'd much rather be dreading my progress through life as apposed to my child's... Honestly, probably one of the biggest cons of having kids. . . Watching them grow up TOO fast. So we'll wait. For now. . .

Anyways, enough of the Blah Blah Blah . . . Friday night we had dinner with TG's parents at Outback. It was so delish! Never lets us down! I celebrated my Birthday with a 2000 calorie bloomin' onion :)
Saturday night we went to dinner at Blackfinn {a new restaurant at Town Center} with my family and friends Kelli & Jeff! I'm a lucky girl to have such awesome family and friends in my life and with them counting the years doesn't seem too bad!
My Beautiful Mother - I'd be lost without her guidance. Her love is unconditional and she's been by my side {ups and downs} the last 24 years! {Notice the little princess in the background!}

My amazing Brother and his girlfriend Alex and Babe {looking silly}

The whole gang

The baby sis! Isn't she gorgeous :)

Me and Kel

Momma & her girls! :)

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