Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cleaning glue off wood floors. . . .

The bruises on my knees and the amount of pain in my legs and lower back will hopefully be worth the hours spent trying to clean these hard wood floors! I spent a good 6 hours Friday afternoon scraping {on my knees} ever inch of the office and hallway. A special 'thanks' to the super informative wood salesman who told my husband all he needed to clean the glue of the floors were these {super greasy} wipes. He made it sound easy. And a special 'thanks' to my husband for taking him completely serious and not worrying about dripped and spilled glue as he moved from room to room! {I guess I can't be too mad with babe, after all he did manage to lay about 1500 sq ft of wood floors} So I've been sucking it up, and with the help of some awesome family members we've made major headway in cleaning these floors {every single inch of them}.
To any one reading this and contemplating laying floors in your home, do yourself a favor as you lay the floors down and notice splotches of glue WIPE IT UP WHEN IT'S STILL WET!!! {Don't let it dry and sit for weeks} OOOPS
This is how the floors looked in the office before I started cleaning them Friday. Now granted this was a {SUPER} bad spot . . . But I wanted you all to truly understand what I meant by GLUE EVERYWHERE!!!

I used a 4 step process to cleaning these floors . . .
1. )Scaped endlessly with plastic spoon {hey it's what we had available at the house, and after multiple blisters on my fingers my M-I-L bought us some plastic square scrapers . . . MUCH BETTER}
2.) Todd bought some Urethane remover {after giving up on the greasy wipes} made by the same manufactures of the glue we used to lay the floors down. I thought this would help tremendously, WRONG. So after scraping the big pieces of dried glue up there is a white greasy residual left on the floors and this cleaner is supposed to help with that.
3.) You can't leave the Urethane on the floors for a long period of time so the next step was washing it off with soapy water {yellow bucket}, following by clean wet rag and lastly dried completely with towel.
4.) As if that wasn't enough, I then used my super AWESOME Bona Wood Cleaner {thanks to Todd's parents} to mop all the floors and finished with a coat a wood polish. Ahhhhh . Seriously this task is so repetitive and tedious it was enough to make me scream . . . But I kept it together. And the outcome is so WORTH the pain! :)


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