Monday, February 21, 2011

Refinished Mirror

I've been privileged enough to have inherited a couple very special items from my great grandmother {Maggie}. The mirror above is one of her many beautiful antique pieces that I'm lucky enough to have {with a little modification} in my new home! All of her furniture is filled with memories of different 'Journeys Through Life', different homes it has resided in, different family members that have had it in their possession. And now after all those years and all those memories it's part of my home and will be there till the time I turn it over to my children. Clearly, I'm not just referring to this amazing mirror. I've also inherited her amazing antique dining room table and chairs, an antique side table with extensions, and a beautiful antique chair. Each of these items will become part of our "Journey Through Life" and we plan on making many of memories around these very special items!!
I won't be able to make quite the {modifications} to all the furniture I've inherited, but luckily I had free range with this mirror and I took it from one extreme to the other :)

First, it got a very good sanding . . . Looked as if gold wasn't its only previous color.

After sanding and cleaning, I taped it off with a plastic drop cloth and painters tape.

It got one good coat of Glossy Black paint. The best part is that in some places you can see the gold coming through different wood grains.

I'd say for about $2.99 it got a major face lift . . . {Notice in this picture the lighting in the kitchen hasn't been changed!!!} Post on lighting to follow VERY soon!!

Our house is sort-of coming together and I'm happy to say that I have officially unpacked boxes in our new home!!! We plan on moving in {with the help of family} the first weekend in March!! So I'll be a very busy bee the next 2 weeks gearing up for the big day!! Hope everyone had a wonderful day off {if you were lucky enough to get it off}. I on the other hand was not lucky enough to have the entire day off but I did get to sleep in a little later than normal this morning, and to me that's all it takes!!! Everyone enjoy their week, I plan on intensely enjoying my last week of being 23. Yeah I realize I'm getting OLD. 24 go away I'm not ready!

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