Sunday, July 11, 2010

BBQ Time

Another relaxing weekend spent with the Hub.
I must say, I do believe all things are better when prepared over an open fire. So we were thrilled to get our $20 Walmart special, charcoal grill, put together and tested out this weekend. Until we get our house built our nice, big, new grill that we got as a wedding shower gift will continue to hang out @ my wonderful brother and sister -in-law's!! So in the meantime we got us this cute little guy to hold us over. Todd gets his macho-grilling-man fix in and I get wonderfully cooked meals that I didn't have to prepare! There are definitely a lot of pros to letting the men 'grill'!

Getting the grill put together, Quixote was helping out... Clearly!

Todd & Baby girl grilling... I was spray painting a baby shower decoration, which I'll be posting on in a couple weeks after the shower!


She loves him almost as much as I do! His new grilling partner.

Our lovely dinner, a glass of nice cold wine, and a movie at home. Friday night couldn't have gone any better! Todd is off to Monticello tomorrow after work to meet with a guy about contracting the building of our house!! Hopefully we'll be breaking ground sooner-or-later! This surely is becoming quite the process... I keep reassuring myself it's all going to be worth it in the end!! :) Everyone enjoy your work week!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodwill Find of the Day....

I went in Goodwill today looking for some chairs and a table to be refinished for our patio. I had no luck with the patio furniture, however I did find some more milk glass vases!! $1.99 for one of them and $3.99 for the others. Pretty good find, I must say myself! I try going every couple of weeks to look for rare finds, things I can refinish cheaply (babe appreciates that!), and make new! The past couple months, this has been my search of choice. They're so classy, elegant and rustic... Sort of how I'd like to think of myself! (ha ha :) ) I'm starting to get quite the collection. Kel, I guess if you can't find any in JaX you'll just have to come visit in Tally and get some! :) Everyone enjoy your weekend.

Those are some of the pretty flowers Toddy Boy brought home for me yesterday!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 4th

Let Freedom Ring

For all the people who have fought and continue to FIGHT for our freedom. We live in the best country in the WORLD. Never forget your independence! You're free to do and live the way you want because of the those who have fought for it. I'm FOREVER grateful. :) Everyone be safe, and enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

7 Layered Salad

Family Favorite: & on the menu for July 4th.

Work from the bottom/up

  • Iceburg Lettuce {1 head}
  • Celery {5 sticks, chopped}
  • Frozen Sweet Peas {rinsed}
  • Dressing {1/4 c ranch, 1/2 c mayo}
  • Boiled Eggs {5 or 6, chopped}
  • Cheddar Cheese {shredded}
  • Bacon {crispy, and crumbled}

Chill & Enjoy. Always a crowd pleaser! :)

This Time Last Year....

we thought we were heading to Madison for a Family Reunion, little did I know Todd was going to talk me in to the best decision we've made as a couple! We got a little puppy this time last year, named her Quixote and she's been the center of our everyday activities for the past year! I know we might be two of the strangest humans {to love & care so much for a dog} but we think she's the BEST thing around! :) Here's a recap of Quixote's first year as a Gillean!

{the day we took baby girl home}

{her first bath, she's still not a fan... AT ALL!!}

{but she loves her mom.... A LOT!}

{car ride home to Jacksonville, one of many moves Quixote has made. She's our gypsy dog}

{doggy Mohawk}
{the baby}
{our 1st trip to the mountains}
{our 1st Christmas}
{Quixote's 1st Birthday... no more puppy chow!}
{beach trip}
We both hope we have so many more wonderful, memorable years together! She truly is the BEST dog in the world. And we are the craziest 'dog parents' around {I know that's what you're all thinking} We know, it's strange! :)