Friday, July 9, 2010

Goodwill Find of the Day....

I went in Goodwill today looking for some chairs and a table to be refinished for our patio. I had no luck with the patio furniture, however I did find some more milk glass vases!! $1.99 for one of them and $3.99 for the others. Pretty good find, I must say myself! I try going every couple of weeks to look for rare finds, things I can refinish cheaply (babe appreciates that!), and make new! The past couple months, this has been my search of choice. They're so classy, elegant and rustic... Sort of how I'd like to think of myself! (ha ha :) ) I'm starting to get quite the collection. Kel, I guess if you can't find any in JaX you'll just have to come visit in Tally and get some! :) Everyone enjoy your weekend.

Those are some of the pretty flowers Toddy Boy brought home for me yesterday!

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