Thursday, July 1, 2010

This Time Last Year....

we thought we were heading to Madison for a Family Reunion, little did I know Todd was going to talk me in to the best decision we've made as a couple! We got a little puppy this time last year, named her Quixote and she's been the center of our everyday activities for the past year! I know we might be two of the strangest humans {to love & care so much for a dog} but we think she's the BEST thing around! :) Here's a recap of Quixote's first year as a Gillean!

{the day we took baby girl home}

{her first bath, she's still not a fan... AT ALL!!}

{but she loves her mom.... A LOT!}

{car ride home to Jacksonville, one of many moves Quixote has made. She's our gypsy dog}

{doggy Mohawk}
{the baby}
{our 1st trip to the mountains}
{our 1st Christmas}
{Quixote's 1st Birthday... no more puppy chow!}
{beach trip}
We both hope we have so many more wonderful, memorable years together! She truly is the BEST dog in the world. And we are the craziest 'dog parents' around {I know that's what you're all thinking} We know, it's strange! :)

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