Sunday, July 11, 2010

BBQ Time

Another relaxing weekend spent with the Hub.
I must say, I do believe all things are better when prepared over an open fire. So we were thrilled to get our $20 Walmart special, charcoal grill, put together and tested out this weekend. Until we get our house built our nice, big, new grill that we got as a wedding shower gift will continue to hang out @ my wonderful brother and sister -in-law's!! So in the meantime we got us this cute little guy to hold us over. Todd gets his macho-grilling-man fix in and I get wonderfully cooked meals that I didn't have to prepare! There are definitely a lot of pros to letting the men 'grill'!

Getting the grill put together, Quixote was helping out... Clearly!

Todd & Baby girl grilling... I was spray painting a baby shower decoration, which I'll be posting on in a couple weeks after the shower!


She loves him almost as much as I do! His new grilling partner.

Our lovely dinner, a glass of nice cold wine, and a movie at home. Friday night couldn't have gone any better! Todd is off to Monticello tomorrow after work to meet with a guy about contracting the building of our house!! Hopefully we'll be breaking ground sooner-or-later! This surely is becoming quite the process... I keep reassuring myself it's all going to be worth it in the end!! :) Everyone enjoy your work week!

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