Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekend Rewind

Todd & I enjoyed a wonderful Saturday, just the two of us, in our {beautiful} new homestead! We ventured away from our {home} to check out the annual 'Spring Time Tallahassee'. Neither of us had ever been before, and since we are now officially {LCR's} we figured we'd do as the Tallahassians do! It was surprisingly a very enjoyable way to spend our Saturday afternoon. I love the feel of being downtown, coming from Jacksonville downtown isn't exactly a place to "hang", so I enjoy being able to enjoy that downtown feel.

Walking around under the beautiful oaks!

So, Todd stood in this line for a Philly cheese steak for over 30 minutes. I sat on the curb {did a little people watching}, and waited for my ever so patient hubby to get his sandwich!

It was SUPER HOT!!

But boy was it worth it!

Seriously, how cool is this thing? Every kids dream come true {or every 27 year old grown mans dream!}

As much {juice} as you want! And he managed to cover his hands with red 'cherry' syrup! We did have to make a quick stop to clean up before we were "allowed" to get in babe's new truck. :) It's OK I appreciate his analness {if that's a word}, we're a perfect match!

One of my favorite things about living in Tallahassee is all the BEAUTIFUL oaks everywhere! I'm thinking about taking lots of pictures like the one above and having them all printed on canvases and making an all oak wall in one of our yet to be decorated rooms!

Sunday, Todd & I drove to Adel, GA for the {gillean} family reunion! Lots of good eatin'!


  1. I think we may be converting you! There are many, many things about T-town to are only beginning to discover them :).

  2. HaHa Nancy there are lots of lovely things about Tallahassee! If I could only pick up my entire family and place them here that'd make it PERFECT!