Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chalk-Board Picture Frame

I've got a couple new obsessions as of lately! And the massively over-sized antique framed chalk boards are one of them! I couldn't justify spending the 200$ for the beautiful frame I found in Thomasville last week when I was antique shopping, so I had to come up with a different plan! Went to Goodwill, found a similar frame, not nearly as beautiful but for $12.99 I couldn't go wrong!

Here is the frame {before}

We ripped it all apart and took all the insides out and saved the glass
Other than the picture frame here are the essentials for the project. Luckily I had them all on hand, so seriously this project cost me $12.99 + tax!!

  • Rust-oleum Chalk Board Paint

  • Rust-oleum Spray Paint {Heirloom White MY FAV!!}

  • Sponge Paint Brush

Spray painted the frame

Painted the glass with chalk board paint. I did about 3 coats

And the {after} All done, hanging on the wall ready for Easter!

Sanded all the edges to make it look similar to the antique mirror I had to sadly walk away from in Thomasville! But I'm happy with how mine turned out and my husband is even more excited that it only cost me $12.99!


  1. Looks awesome! I'm incorporating framed chalkboards like these at the wedding somehow!

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