Monday, April 11, 2011

PB Inspiration

The new PB catalog is filled with awesome DIY inspiration! I actually saw a fellow blogger make a centerpiece very similar. If you're not familiar with 'The DIY Showoff ' you must check her out! Her blog is filled with such awesome DIY projects. Anyways, this project is super easy and so very reasonable. I had everything on hand except for the floral and paper mache' eggs, which I got at Michael's for 60% off. I think I ended up paying less than 20$ for all the branches below.

Here is how the centerpiece will look when Easter is over and the Easter Eggs are no longer hanging from it! I got his vase from my Aunt Nancy, which I think at one time was my Nonnie's {Grandmother}. You can see the years of ware and tear had taken it's toll on the appearance of this vase, so it was definitely in need of a paint job. I used Rust-O-Leum's Heirloom White {MY FAV} to give this baby a good, back-to-life look.

Initially, I was going to also spray paint them with the Heirloom White but decided to use this aqua spray paint instead. I had extra bottles of it on hand from another project I was working on {blog post to come shortly}! Spray painted the eggs on one side, after they dried rotated them and spray painted the other side.
Wrote Happy Easter on the eggs
I then cut lots of jute and hot glued them to the eggs so they could hang from the branches
Final Product!

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