Thursday, April 7, 2011

Burlap Wreath

I swear I'm not back-blogging, I've been a busy chick this week! What can I say when I get the crafty itch, typically I get it bad! I made a mess of our driveway {stupid blonde moment} and covered my hands in Gorilla super glue, but the outcome was worth it!

Not sure how the paint brush got put in the supplies picture, but no paint brush is necessary for this project!

  • Straw Wreath

  • Burlap {I probably used 1 1/2 yards}

  • Super Glue

  • Screwdriver

  • Rotary Cutter/Scissors

I made the stupid mistake of cutting around the wreath with the rotary cutter to remove the cellophane wrap. Didn't realize I was cutting the wire that was holding the straw in place. Hence the mess in the driveway! So that little mistake cost me a lot of time. I had to think quickly because as the wind blew the straw went everywhere and the wreath wasn't quite looking like a wreath anymore! I got some fishing line and wrapped it around and around and around {you get the point}, took some time but it all worked out!

Pretty easy process, cut 4 inch squares of Burlap. Dab some super glue on the wreath. Fold the burlap in half and then in half again. With the screwdriver dig the burlap square in the wreath. Fluff out. Repeat like 100 times!! Wallah!

There it is! All pretty & done!!

Of course, I had to add some Easter eggs in there! I didn't glue them on, just stuffed them in there so I can take them out after Easter and get ready for the next holiday celebration!

I'm totally in love with how it turned out. Highly recommend taking an hour and making this gem!

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