Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nothing Simple Allowed. . .

In my book at least! Todd probably wishes I would take a simpler approach in life, but honestly it's just not in my nature. And since the baseboards had to be taken off anyways to install the floors, thought replacing them with bigger/better ones was a no brainer! Sure the original baseboards could have been salvageable, but what better time to replace them with new ones then after they've been ripped out!

I actually got the idea of using the 1 x 6's for baseboards from my best friend Brigid. She built an amazingly AWESOME house 2 years ago and she used them in her home and I fell in love. Todd and I knew without a doubt that after we were done putting the floors down we would replace our baseboards with the 1 x 6's.

Honestly, when we got to his point in the house I was getting overwhelmed with excitement! Most of the wood floors were down and I could actually see what I had been envisioning for so long. It was an awesome feeling getting this close to being done! Todd's mom & I took a little stroll to Lowe's and roughly 3 hours later {jk, but it did take a good amount of time!} we very precisely selected some 30 boards that would soon become our baseboards. It's a good thing the two most anal OCD individuals made these selections. If we saw too many dings, tree marks, or discoloration we kindly set the boards to the side and kept digging through the pile! Hey, I didn't want crappy boards through my house!

As if selecting 30 baseboards wasn't time-consuming enough we then had to weed through hundreds of pieces of quarter round to find the best ones! With our cart full, we picked up some primer and white paint and headed home to start on this painting endeavour!

Special thanks to my mother-in-law and mom for helping with this tedious task. We got all the boards and quarter round primed and painted and I could hardly wait for babe to start nailing these suckers in!

Isn't he cute? I mean seriously, a man who is as talented as my husband should get major recognition for all his cuteness!! Thanks to B-I-L Brian for allowing Todd to play with his air gun for a couple days!!

I'm not going to lie, at this point in the baseboard process I was getting a little stressed out. I had envisioned these large, beautiful, perfect, crisp white baseboards and when Todd got all his aggressions out, I was left with all these HOLES! Everywhere!!! Honestly, we had a hard time finding {studs} at certain spots in the room so it took a 'couple' shots before we struck gold! OK, we didn't strike {gold} instead we struck the water pipe from our kitchen sink! We spent a day {a day I had planned to spend a different way} fixing this little watery problem! Once again, props to the ever so talented husband who surprised me time and time again with his handiness throughout or remodeling adventure! He fixed our leaky pipe and we were smooth sailing from there on {at least where the baseboards were concerned}!! The quarter-round isn't down and the holes are not puttied and no touch-up paint has been applied yet, but you get the idea! PRETTY! :) Happy girl again!
Here is a sort of {before} and {after} shot. Dining room before with little ordinary baseboards.

And after with the large, beautiful, perfect, crisp white baseboards I had been envisioning. It's starting to look like a house!!

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