Sunday, March 27, 2011

House Update

Paint, Paint, Paint . . .

Roughly 4 months ago we closed on our first house. After months of endless work, exhausting weekends and tons of blood sweet and tears our {house} has now officially become our {home}!We didn't waste anytime getting started. We closed on Thursday, December 16th around noon and we welcomed 'working' visitors about an hour later! My brother, Kyle and his girlfriend Alex came in to town Thursday afternoon and quickly got busy painting the house {the entire house}. It sure pays tremendously having a professional painter as a brother. Within two days my entire house was transformed from a builders beige to a color palate of blues/greys/greens. Paint seriously changed the feel of our entire house {almost} instantly. Quick gratification makes me a very happy girl and the way the colors turned out in the house couldn't have been any better. I had a color vision in mind and with the help of a very paint perfectionist brother we made that vision come to life!

This was our ever exciting dining room prior to a nice coat of paint. We selected a shade darker than the living room.

All painted & carpet ripped up!


Foyer {after}living room before

Alex painting the arch

Living Room painted {after} with no carpet and minus the old baseboards!


Office {before}

Other than Bub cutting in around the windows and ceiling I will take full credit for how AWESOME this room turned out! It took me a solid 6 hours painting the stripes, but once I removed the tape it was totally worth it!

I have to say anyone planning on painting stripes MUST invest in 'frog tape'. It doesn't allow the paint to bleed through at all! Worth the extra $! Happy face!

Office {after}

This room is one of my favorite rooms in the house!

Make shift ladder

Laundry Room {before}

Me & mom painting the laundry room!

Painting was the first step we took to making our home so beautiful, it definitely wasn't the only step in the process so I'll be posting more on how we redid the baseboards, changed all the light fixtures, and best of all ripped up all the carpet and put in wonderful hardwood floors throughout!!

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