Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Home. . . aka Construction Site

Since closing two weeks ago we've got a couple items checked off our to-do list! The day we closed, my loving brother came and painted our entire house {minus our office, I take full credit for it!}, we've also removed all the base boards, all the carpet and have successfully laid wood floors in two rooms!! I'd say we've done pretty good so far. However, I think it's going to be slow moving for the next couple weekends! I don't think we realized just how long putting down the wood floors was going to take. But they are so beautiful and are so going to be worth all the time and sweat put in to them! Don't worry I've been snapping a bunch of pictures and once I've got complete before and after pictures I promise to post a room-to-room explanation!!
Mandy & Brady came over the day after Christmas to help lay floors. This was during one of our {short} breaks to enjoy the snow {that you can't actually see}! Brady thought he was escaping the snow in Boston . . . Little did he know we'd have a {white} Christmas in Florida!! :)

Little sneak-peek of the floors in the office!! {Sorry about the white circles, apparently my camera thought we were still outside trying effortlessly to capture the snow in a picture!}

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