Tuesday, December 14, 2010

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E . . . Mickey Mouse!!

This past weekend we took our annual Christmas trip to Disney World! You would think after going 3 years in a row we might start to get bored with it. . . But every year Todd & I enjoy ourselves even more! It's going to be bad news when we have kids old enough to enjoy Disney. We are going to be in tRoUbLe!!!

Our first night in Orlando we went to Downtown Disney and ate dinner at Rainforest Cafe. I had never been before and knew the nephews would enjoy eating in the Rainforest with all the animals!

He's such a kid!

Sunday afternoon we went in the park. Every year it's decorated the same and EVERY year it still gives me chills when we enter down Main St. How magical? Seriously, there is no place on earth like this!

Good ole' Walt in the background! The castle before it was all lit up!!

The clouds were black. But someone was looking out for us, no rain the entire night!

The boys just entertaining themselves while we were waiting in line to ride PooH!

So eXciTeD to be on the carousel!!

Forced Todd to ride Dumbo and to enjoy it! :) What can I say my Mommy & I loved riding Dumbo! {Notice the fierce clouds in the background!}

Thunder Mountain {Zachary is fearless}

Firework show over the BEAUTIFUL castle!

Another perfect Mickey's Merry Christmas . . . Until next year!

We also made a little stop @ Ikea while we were in Orlando. Got some awesome stuff for the new house. {I'll be sure to post on those items later!!}

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