Thursday, February 25, 2010

Farewell to Baby Love's 'LOVE'

We're making leaps and bounds in purchasing some land and starting to build our first house!! First big step... Selling TG's truck! WHOOOO!! :)
He put it up on craigslist Tuesday and Wednesday he sold it!
So we are saying Farewell, and to my surprise Todd is super excited about it!
He is so selfless, and wants to give me the world.
And I just love him for that.
Bye Bye pretty truck I promise you're going to a good home.
And I promise one day I'll allow my husband to purchase his big ol' Ford he so desperately wants...
After we build our house and stock it with all the pretty things in life!

I ONLY selected this picture because if you notice my baby girl is posing for the camera. :) I LOVE HER & I Love TG!

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