Sunday, February 7, 2010

DIY Weekend

Splendid weekend again... busy but splendid! Babe's and I were crafty creatures the last couple days. After being inspired, I talked Todd in to embarking on a weekend filled with DIY (do it yourself) tasks! He got home early Friday and we spent Friday afternoon hitting up Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and Michael's retrieving the supply list I had created to make the 'God' Pillars and the DIY Apothecary Jars, shown above.
After finding most of the items I needed, I told Todd we could leave Hobby Lobby. I spent less than an hour in there, which is totally unheard of for me. Usually I'm there for hours and can't get out spending under $100. We conquered both tasks, 40 minutes & 40 dollars! I think it helped I had a detailed list of the exact items I needed and didn't walk down every isle finding items I usually have to convince Todd I can't live without! He was truly impressed, however I did tell him we were only spending $20 and it ended up being a little more. When I told him you can buy the Apothecary Jars at Pottery Barn for me for $80 a piece he was very pleased with my DIY project! We spent the rest of the evening enjoying each others presence and the food and drinks we had at one of the BEST Chili's around! I love brand new things and I definitely enjoy brand new restaurants. We finished the night cuddling our little angel in bed watching Barbara Walters. Crazy Ole' Married Couple. :)
Saturday was my first work experience at RED LOBSTER. We had an employee meeting at 9 in the morning and we were served lobster tail, tilapia stuffed with lobster meet, and marinated shrimp. Sounds like a good work meeting except my appetite for lobster at 9 in the morning isn't very big. Who knew there were over 50 employees in one restaurant, who knows how I'll ever learn who everyone is. After the meeting I did a little shopping. Don't get excited it was no shopping trip to write home about. I was shopping for my amazing new Red Lobster uniform, I'll post a picture of my get-up someday. Before leaving Valdosta I went through Chik-fil-a and got me and sweet cheeks some lunch. Bad news about working at Red Lobster is Chik-fil-a is right next door, which pretty much means I'll be eating there probably every time I work!
I got home to an excited husband that couldn't wait to tell me about the house he found for us. I hear this often so usually it isn't something I take too seriously. Not sure if I don't take him serious or I try and keep from getting excited, only to be disappointed. The house was around 15 years old, was about to go in to foreclosure, and needed tons of work! But after looking at the pictures of the structure and layout of the house I was on the verge of getting excited too. I had Todd call our Real Estate agent to meet us at the house. The house is in Monticello which is about 20-30 minutes before Tallahassee, still very rural, which is a necessity to my apparently country lovin' husband. After pulling in the drive way and getting out of the truck Todd and I looked at each other and started laughing. It's funny because on the way over there Todd told me that I would have to be very open minded and envision what we could do when we remodeled this house. Before we even walked in the house Todd said he was second-guessing this house. HAHA funny how we had role reversal for a short instance in our life. I was imaging all the landscaping, new granite counter tops, new stainless appliances, wood floors throughout, even how I wanted to paint certain rooms. He thinks I'm close minded, but I guess he doesn't realize just how imaginative my little brain can be. Probably too imaginative when it comes to decorating! We're not jumping to any decision soon and we're going to keep our eye on the house seeings how it's going into complete foreclosure this week and the price is probably going to decrease.
As soon as we got in the truck Todd wanted to know what I thought. When I told him I thought it would be 'fun' I think he nearly fell out of his seat. He talked me in to driving to Lloyd a small town right outside of Tallahassee to look at some land he had seen while internet searching at work. Well, apparently my husband has too much time at work because on the way to look at the property we stopped and looked at around 6 others pieces of property Todd had seen during his 'work-time' investigation! None of them we were impressed with until we got to Heritage Hills in Lloyd. My goodness who knew living on lots of land could be to extravagant! It's a undeveloped residential area where their selling 3.2 acre lots. Good news there are paved roads and light posts throughout the neighborhood. Todd and I are now set in exploring this opportunity with the hopes of being able to build the house we want!! Todd's going to contact the developer tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed and we'll let you know how it goes! Here is a picture of the type of house we want to build! A wrap-around porch is a must for me....

Contemporary meets country, just what I enjoy. Only difference will be a detached garage/mother-in-law suite! Probably added down the road.
After leaving the great town of Lloyd we headed on to Tallahassee for dinner and a quick visit to Nancy & Blaine's. Their sweet baby Logan always gets Todd excited about having a little girl. She is so adorable and sweet and we will be very blessed if we have a little girl remotely as precious as she is! We also got to visit with Todd's cousin Bethany who was babysitting Logan while Mommy and Daddy had a date night at Melting Pot. YUM!

Sunday we went to Sunday School and Church. Always a treat. God is so powerful. We came home and made hot sandwiches with chips and dip. We were getting geared up for the snacking that would take place later on during the SuperBowl! After eating a lunch that didn't make Todd and I feel like we needed to nap for 2 hours we headed out to start our DIY projects! It was such a beautiful day, I will definitely miss the view at Julie and Brian's when we move. Their views are so pretty. Todd and I had such a good time working in the barn together today. I was busy working on the projects I showed earlier and Todd was busy working on my bench he's been promising to finish for about a year! I'll share a post when the bench is complete, of Todd's process. Here are some pictures of us working on the pillars and Apothecary Jars.

Because the clouds are so pretty!

Final product, we were so pleased with our DIY skills! Thank you Whitney & Ashley

Sunday evening we had a super fabulous SuperBowl feast. Didn't help me and Todd's expanding waist line but it surely did bring a smile to our faces. I'm starting my first week of work and I'm working 6 out of the 7 days and 3 doubles. Not sure how much blogging I'll be able to do but we'll see! I hope everyone has a good work week and I'm sure we're all in the same boat... wishing for Friday! Although this Friday and Saturday I'm working doubles so not sure if looking forward to Friday's are going to be a continuous thing.

Little picture to put a smile on your face!

My little blogging partner! :)

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