Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Workin on Our Fitness!!

Meet our Trainer - Jillian

In a previous post you read about how our honeymoon revolved around eating. Well Todd's everyday life has continued to revolve around what he was going to eat next!! I can't play innocent because I too was in the same boat a couple months ago until I got a little help from CR 253! OK maybe walking 4 miles a day down CR 253 helped a lot but I'm sure the appetitte suppresents helped a little too! So needless to say I lost the 15 pds I had gained since the wedding but my lovely husband had not! So last night I asked him to do the Jillian Michael's workout video with me. Months ago when I started the video Todd laughed at me, like the workout video was a joke. Well let me tell you the joke was definitely on Todd last night! To his defense he didn't stop nearly as much as I did, so that probably explains his text this morning telling me how sore he was! Ole Jillian means business and anyone looking for a trainer should invest in her DVD! I had to grab my camera last night and take a couple pictures because as we were in the living room working out Quixote was trying so hard to figure out what the heck we were doing kicking our legs all around and punching our fists in the air!

Babe & Jillian gettin busy!

Quixote didn't understand why Dad was on the ground and wouldn't plaY?!

So she gave him kisses for ignoring her!

Todd & Quixote stretching!! :)

She just wanted to play....

We'll see how this whole working out thing goes.... Todd has already asked if we have to do it tonight!! :) He is more of a weight lifting kind of guy! He doesn't enjoy the kickboxing stuff as much!

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  1. Hee hee. Boys are such wimps. I should probably let Jillian visit our living room too...we won't even begin to talk about how many pounds I've gained since our wedding day (in my defense it was almost 5 years and one baby ago).