Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart-Shaped Goodies

I love holidays, mainly because you get to spend time with the ones
you love and show them how much they truly
mean to you!
Valentine's is EXTRA special because it's a holiday
surrounded by LoViNg things!
I love to entertain, love cooking, and love to be crafty!
So I thought I would share some heart-shaped food that I'll probably be making
for my special Valentine.
And hopefully you'll find something to make yours!


I'm hoping my husband brings me some KRISPY KREME'S

When I have a little precious kid I'll definitely be this
crazy mom making crazy lunches like that!

Baby Love's idea of Valentine's Dinner - Steak

And how could I forget my angel, Quixote.
Dogie Valentine Treats :)

I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day. Unfortunately I'll be working. But at least I'll be getting paid! :)

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