Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Memphis, Tennessee

For Memorial day, Todd & I packed up the ole Corolla and headed North-West. First stop, Memphis Tennessee . . . Final destination ARKANSAS :)
We were headed to Arkansas to visit with Todd's aunt & uncle and his cousins. We decided it was probably best to split the trip from Tallahassee to Arkansas up. I had always wanted to visit Memphis and it seemed like the most logical place for us to camp out for the night before finishing our trip to Ark.
After spending 8 hours in the car, I had watched all the movies and read all the magazines I was interested in and I was ready to get out and eat some good BBQ!

On our ride over I read some tripadvisor reports on the best BBQ in Memphis. Todd and I picked Rendezvous and we weren't let down. After checking in to our hotel, we freshened up and took the short walk to the restaurant.
This restaurant was very old school Memphis. Multiple level building. You walk in on ground level, which is where you wait for a table or can get a drink at the bar, immediately to the left you go down a flight of stairs in to the restaurant. Our server was a very seasoned Memphis fella'. He lacked much personality, but I think that played in to the whole feel of the place.

I got the BBQ nachos

And babe got the dry rub ribs
Both were very delicious and we highly recommend a stop at Rendezvous if you ever find yourself in Memphis looking for some good ole BBQ :)

We took a stroll down Beale St, checked out all the blues/jazz bars
It's a pretty neat little downtown

It sort of has the same feel as Bourbon St on a smaller scale, and the fact that we were there on a Wednesday night made for a much smaller crowd. But we appreciate small crowds. Trust me, sometimes over crowded environments 'freak' me out and can cause an anxiety attack or 2 :)

This was the blues bar Todd and I selected out of the numerous to choose from. They were very good and so very talented. It's hard to believe there is that much talent out there that goes unsigned. But I guess these guys are just doing what they love!

I love him :)

Rockin' our Elvis glasses

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