Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guest Bathroom Re-do

Builders beige, NO MORE :)

I had a very small budget and the Hubs was not interested in the least bit in partaking in this bathroom endeavor. . . So I had my work cut out for me!
I tried to take after my very talented expertise painter of a Brother, and not tape off the ceiling... Needless to say I am no where near close to a professional painter and after doing a very small corner in the bathroom and covering the ceiling in paint I decided taping off the ceiling was the best bet for me... After taping the entire room I painted all of the bathroom walls with the lighter color.

I painted horizontal stripes in another room in our house and I couldn't wait to transform another room with stripes and the guest bathroom was just the place! There is my handy dandy laser that sticks in the wall and helps me fulfill the perfectly straight lines I love of so much! I carefully taped as close as possible to the level laser rotating the tape from the bottom of the laser to the top of the laser depending on which stripe was going to be painted the darker color.

After about 4 hours all the tape was up and I was so excited to get the easy part over. It probably wouldn't take a normal person this long to tape off the room. But, I am no where near normal and if the tape wasn't perfect I removed it and started again! Notice the different size stripes above? That's what I was talking about previously when I said moving the tape above the laser or below the laser depending on which stripe was being painted. Once you remove the 2 pieces of tape that make up the small stripe, the two stripes are the exact same size... Hopefully, that makes sense :)

The colors are very similar, only one shade apart on the color wheel. Brother would be very proud of me for buying the best paint out there (Benjamin Moore - for those who are wondering), but honestly I'm not sure it was worth the $100 for 2 gallons!!! Since I only used very little of both colors, hopefully I can come up with another project or space I want to paint with these colors so I feel better about the money spent.

OK, the coolest part of this makeover were the countertop transformation!!!! Here are our ugly countertops before . . . Let me preface, I had a secret plan here... having already priced out granite for both our bathrooms I figured if I mess up completely and they look horribly, Babe will have no option but to replace them. Win/Win for me ;)

Months ago, I remember passing this little can in Home Depot and remembering one day I'd like to give that a try. I am all about some Rust-Oleum and this Rust-Oleum countertop coating is fantastic!!! For about $19, I'm glad I took the risk and glad they turned out! Unfortunately, no granite countertops yet, but I'm glad I have something else to look at other than the ugly tan countertops that were previously in there!!

I picked the Pewter color and it matched perfectly!I painted the countertops with a $1 very small foam sponge. The paint/stain went on super easy, although it smelled horrid and took quite a while to dry. I used very little out of the quart I bought, so I think one day I'll do our bathroom.

I primed and painted the cabinets and after about 3 coats of primer and 3 coats of white paint I had very white, crisp cabinets! :) Happy Girl

I also spray painted the mirror with Rust-Oleum's semi-gloss black paint

Slowly but surely we are transforming the rooms one by one to better match our taste! I love the bathroom and have already started planning my next room of attack!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week. For me, I'll take a 2 day work week anytime. . . We are headed on vacation Wednesday & I can't wait :) Take care!


  1. I love love love the stripes!! The bathroom looks amazing! :)