Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still kickin'

What can I say, from time to time the whole blog thing becomes more of a chore than a relaxing exercise. I get stuck in the Monday-Friday work rut and after a dreaded stop at the gym and fixing the Hubs dinner, the last thing on my mind is creatively stringing together sentences to describe the more exciting happenings in my life.... Well, I've missed it and I'm back... That is until I need another couple months off :)

We received these rocking chairs from some of Todd's parents friends. They weren't in the best of shape when we got them. But since they were free we were both willing to put in some time and effort to restore them.

The chairs were covered in mildew. We agreed that Todd would sand the chairs with his handy electrical hand sander and that I would prime and paint the chairs. I'd say it was a pretty fair trade. I was just excited to get any help that he was willing to give me!

The chairs after their paint job on the front porch :)

Here's a close up. The chairs are still a little wet but you get the idea. Just goes to show you what a little afternoon work can get you, just-like-new rocking chairs that were free!! :)

We also celebrated a very special little girl's doggy birthday in May!!

She was super excited that day when we came home from work and had all sorts of treats and toys for her...

She needed to try them all out, decide which one would become her new FAV!

Isn't she sweet ;)

I have some major back blogging to get to and I promise in the near future I will be posting on some of our more exciting times over the last little while. Feels good to be back and I've enjoyed catching up on everyone else's blog posts, keep up the good work :)

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  1. I've been missing your blog :-) and you & Todd also! Hope to see you guys soon!! <3