Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Our one night stay in Memphis was great, but after enjoying a wonderful breakfast we hit the road and were very excited to get to our Arkansas family!

Right outside downtown Memphis you almost immediately cross over the mighty Mississippi and enter Arkansas.

Isn't Todd's cousins house tremendous??!!!! Pictures don't even do this house justice.

The boys were determined to cook us a wonderful dinner & they did just that.

Jill & Todd played a couple basketball games with the kids. Not quite sure who had more fun the little kids or the big ones :)

Todd & Jill sitting around watching the sunset!

Everybody hanging out having a good time

After a wonderful steak dinner the kiddos settled down outside to enjoy a movie under the stars.

Todd and I had such an amazing time in Arkansas hanging out and relaxing with family we don't have the privilege of being around that often. I figured now was the time to get the post done just in time to go on another vacation with our Arkansas family this week :) I promise to be more timely in my post about our upcoming vacation.