Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back Blogging

It's been some time since I've sat down in front of the keyboard to recollect our relentless, never-slowing-down life. But after hearing about my inability to keep up with blogging, I figured I would back blog some of what has happened in our lives over the last couple months, in preparation for the exciting months to come! :)

We celebrated a couple {special boys} Birthday's!!

Mr Zachary turned 6 this year . . . So crazy! I just love him SO!

Might be the coolest 6 year old I know! I mean, he might have the coolest parents I know! Seriously, who has a play house like that??

Love Muffin!

And Sweet Baby Braxton turned 1!! Is he not gorgeous? I might be a bit biased, but truthfully he's BEAUTIFUL!!

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