Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello World

It seemed like Todd and I missed the memo on the whole {pregnancy} thing! Both of our best friends found out they were expecting, just months apart! After thinking and thinking and tons of contemplation, we decided to wait to jump on that tRaiN! {In all actuality, there was no thinking involved. . . definitely not an option for us two, not quite yet :) } Instead we'll keep spoiling our precious - sweet - angel of a dog - - Quixote!! We met both of their bundles of joy & spending time with them does make you think ;) {Brig don't get too excited!}

My best friend Brigid and her beautiful baby girl Shaylee {oh & studly hubby Bud}

Seriously, how stinkin' cute is she?

I love them both so much and can't wait to watch her grow and become a beautiful young lady like her mother

The Robinson's and their precious baby girl Addi

"Braxton, meet your future girlfriend Addi!" . . . I can tell he's excited about her already :)

Todd and I had the pleasure of having Brent, Leslie and Addi spend the week with us and we just adore her! We kinda adore her parents too ;)

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