Thursday, April 8, 2010

You & Me Baby Going Pickin' Wild Flowers!

Easter weekend was so great! Lots of family, food, fun & worship!
Saturday, on the the way over to Todd's grandparents for a little cookout, Todd & I stopped along the way and cut some wild flowers. That is one good thing about living in the country - BEAUTIFUL wild flowers every where. This time of year is so gorgeous because everything is blooming, however it's giving the hubby a fit with all this pollen! Being surrounded by people who struggle with allergies everyday, I feel very blessed to not have to worry about it. Anyways, Todd took some pictures of me on the side of the road pickin wild flowers and here are a couple. ENJOY! :)

Final Product :)


  1. you're good at arranging flowers! and I can't believe you just picked those all from the side of the road.

  2. i know it's crazy! They actually just came through today and cut all of them down. So no more pretty flowers on the side of the road unless they grow back. :(