Saturday, April 10, 2010

House Progress

This week we got our first draft of our house plans!! We've spent the last couple days making little changes to them and hopefully we'll meet with the architect early next week so he can get the final draft and we can put a contract down for the land!

Here is a picture of our future residence! I know it doesn't look like much now - besides a lot of trees and A LOT of work!! But with a little imagination we can envision our house! We took a ride over to show our parents after Easter dinner and they approved!
Actually, this is our future home! It's almost ready for us to move in! JUST KIDDING! Wish it were true. This is a house being built right down the road from us and it is just BEAUTIFUL!

I mean seriously. It's GORGEOUS!!
I told Todd I'd settle for the barn! This barn is the type you see in Southern Magazines usually featuring an amazing outdoor/barn wedding or party! A girl can dream... right?! LOVE IT!

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