Monday, March 15, 2010

Moving Forward

It's been a while since I've posted. Sorry. Been a busy little bee!
Todd and I went and picked out a piece of land Saturday so we're making moves in the right direction! Hopefully we'll be meeting with an architect either this week or next and we'll be able to put a contract on the land and start the building process... Saturday after we left the potential neighborhood we stopped at a cute little hot dog shack in our future town, Monticello!!
It was an old gas station turned in to the cutest hot dog shack!
I know when we are done building and move in to our new house I'll have a couple people who might want to make a stop at Poppa's Hot Dogs while visiting me and Todd. We'll keep everyone posted on the progress of the potential new Gillean residence!

This is a picture of the old gas station

And this is the outside of the renovated hot dog shack

This place was so yummy and a great way to have a Saturday afternoon lunch!

This is the precious courthouse that is at the center of town in Monticello.

Coolest thing is the round about that circles the courthouse. Too cute!

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  1. Yes I know you were speaking of me. Super excited for that