Sunday, September 12, 2010

DIY Paper Lanterns

I'm slacking terribly with sharing all the details of the baby shower. Through each new idea or crafting project that led up to the big day, {i tried} to document as best I could. It's been a while but I've got a couple more things for you all.
First . . .
Paper Lanterns . . . DIY style!

I bought 3 packages of the picture above from Hobby Lobby {the BEST place on earth!}. It was 3 paper lanterns 3 different sizes - small, medium, & large. I got them in probably like April or May right when their summer garden theme decorations came out. I knew I wanted to do something with paper lanterns, and I obviously knew she wasn't going to be decorating anything with bright yellow or green, but for $5.99 {+50% off} I had to get them and take the chance that a little spray paint would work in my favor.

So my husband got me all set-up outside our apartment and I hung the lanterns from a string and went to town spray painting. . . . HOPING for the best!

Quixote was helping! :)

Luckily, spray painting paper turned out to be genius! I spray painted them two of the colors she was using in the nursery . . . Silver & Heirloom White {best color spray paint, which I used on almost everything!}

It's a good thing my husband is as anal as I am. We are a perfect match! He helped me hang them, until we were completely satisfied with their hanging orientation.
Here they are in the room. I hung them right above the gift table. You could only tell they were once yellow and green if you got right underneath them. I was very happy with how they turned out, & the price made it even more fantastic.


  1. Preparing for a party shoot and was so glad to read you had success spray painting the lanterns! Definitely going to try!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Hey! I came across your blog looking for a way to paint paper lanterns...SO GLAD I DID!!! Thanks for the tip!!!