Thursday, August 12, 2010

Baby Shower How To's

Strawberry Jelly Favors
I bought wood cut-outs of crosses and "S's" from Michael's. I used the crosses for the jelly favors and the "S's" for another project :)
I spray painted them silver so there would be a contrast against the burlap.
I then cut out square pieces of burlap.
Unscrewed the metal ring and placed the burlap under and screwed the lid back on. I then hot glued the crosses to the top. And there you have it!

Homemade Strawberry Jelly Favors for each and every special guest :)

How To make MOSS LETTERS -

This stuff is AWESOME!! It's sheets of moss. Made this job 100 times easier than I expected it to be. Bought the sheets of moss and the big letters at JOANN's fabric.

Just layed the sheets out, put the letters on top, traced out each letter; wide enough to cover the sides as well. Then used spray adhesive (another item worth buying to make life A LOT easier!), pressed the two together and there you have it!

I used the moss letters to decorate the gift table at the shower. However, they are being used in baby Shaylee's nursery. Hopefully, I can snag a picture of the nursery all decorated this weekend while I'm in town.
MORE HOW TO'S to come....

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