Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Day...

This weekend Todd and I, and our sweet little angel hit the road and headed down the panhandle to enjoy the Gulf. I've lived my entire life miles from the beach, so having to pack the car up for an almost 2 hour drive to the beach is definitely something us Jacksonville natives will have to get used to! Regardless of the drive it was definitely worth it. This was my first visit to the Gulf of Mexico and the beach here was beautiful. It's unfortunate that the oil is on its way, and even more unfortunate the years it's going to take to clean up the damage. I'm glad we got in a visit before the oil takes its toll.

Quixote was helping Dad drive.... She's too precious!

The water was so pretty. Nothing like the water in Jacksonville. Sorry Brother, definitely not a surfing destination, no waves! You can see the booms they've placed out to try and keep the oil from hitting the sand. So sad....

Quixote spent most of her time at the beach in that exact spot. Let's just say she is not a beach dog. I think she was ready to go the minute she hit the sand. We have realized we have a prissy little pup on our hands! She did not enjoy the heat. Nor did she enjoy the sand.

She did drink 2 bottles of water while we were there! We iced it down for her.

She must have not been too mad with Dad because there were no shortage of kisses for him!!
Then it was nap time.

This might have something to do with why me and Todd are currently unable to sit down with our backs on the couch. Our spoiled dog didn't want any part of her body out of the shade. We sacrificed our precious skin for her coolness, and we are now the shade of red right before PURPLE!!!

More Kisses!

Then we had a little activity time. Quixote finally got her prissy behind from under the umbrella and amused Todd for a couple minutes, before returning to her spot in the shade!

We tried to teach her to fetch the Frisbee and she didn't quite understand the concept! But she was cute trying and Todd was even cuter being adamant that she was a fetch dog!

Then we tried to play fetch with the ball.... That didn't work either!
Then Todd and I played a game of washer's, while Quixote laid on the towels and watched. I dominated!!
Sent a message to our family to let them know we were thinking of them while we were enjoying the day at the beach!

The morning after... Other than us both feeling sick to our stomachs when we got home; probably having something to do with our 3rd degree burns, we slept like sun-drenched angels. We had a lovely day together, and we both are never stepping foot in the sun with anything less than SPF30! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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